We have nothing but each other,

We’re in this together.


TMR Characters + quotes from their namesake

"It’s funny. It started out that Dan and I were the shy ones and Rupert was the talkative one, and then we seemed to swap. Rupert hardly speaks. You’re lucky to get anything out of him these days, and then Dan and I do a lot more of the talking. Dan is really intelligent and very sweet, and Rupert just has a wicked sense of humor and he’s very eccentric and very unique in the way that he does things. He’s like a big kid. I feel like he’ll never grow up, which I love." -Emma Watson

"So let’s say our bloody goodbyes, and then you can promise to remember me from my good old days."

"I can’t do that," Minho said.

| T.H.O.M.A.S |

• 16 years old
• Runner
• Named after Thomas Edison

Subject A2 has experienced total memory loss , and continues to appear disoriented. Demonstrates an unforeseen, possibly unintended, measure of influence over remaining subjects. Progress persists at predicted rate, more rapidly than that of others.

Upon analysis of encounters with others, Subject A2 shows signs of exemplary leadership ability, but also suggests rash decision making and resistance to authority. Some subjects who give him their support indicate progress and growth in strategic thinking. Others could be a threat. Continued monitoring strongly suggested, as observations could be conclusive.


we can’t risk losing anyone else..


get to know the maze runner cast // ki hong lee (minho)

"@kihonglee That moment when ur trying to be all good on ur diet and a lady sits nxt to u eating a delicious pizza. #ilovepizza #help"

We are not the same.



THE MAZE RUNNER + last lines